Fight For Love

Brothers in Arms Book Twelve

Devlin O’Shaughnessy, London crime boss, and former prostitute Kitty Markham have loved one another since they first met when they were too young and not nearly innocent enough. Kitty fell in love with Dr. Thomas Peters in the same fashion: instantly and irrevocably. She’s quietly loved him while sharing Devlin’s bed, dreaming of having Devlin and Thom in her life and her bed, together.

When Thom finally gets lost in an endless stream of liquor and sex, dulling the pain of his violent dreams and memories of the war, Kitty enlists Devlin’s help to pull Thom from his nightmares and sober him up. In her arms Thom finds peace and acceptance, and in Devlin’s arms he finds a passion he never expected.

The intimacies the three share are beyond their wildest dreams, more heady and addicting than any drink.

But Devlin will have to fight his past before he can give in to a love that could change all their lives.